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Arbonne Business Opportunity Facts

Arbonne’s business opportunity data is fairly well known and can explain some of the pros and cons of this rather unique business opportunity. Arbonne was founded in Switzerland by Petter Morck in 1975 and moved to the US in 1980. The company is known for its high-end products in the cosmetics and skincare niche. The products are formulated in Switzerland and then manufactured in the United States and the company claims that its products are effective and natural, making it safe to use regardless of your skin type.

Data on the Arbonne business opportunity reveals that it is a private company with corporate headquarters in Irvine, California, and has a significant presence not only in the United States, but also in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. They use direct sales marketing to distribute their products and have over a million independent distributors in those countries.

With a line of more than 200 products, Arbonne has branched out from its original cosmetics and skin care products and now has a line that also includes weight loss programs, nutritional supplements, and essential oils for aromatherapy. Unfortunately, over 90% of Arbonne distributors quit within the first 90 days and statistics show that 97% of Arbonne distributors will earn less than $10 per week in their business… while a tiny 3% will quit. you will become financially independent and enjoy a high level of success.

Ups and downs

While Arbonne has enjoyed tremendous growth, it has also experienced some setbacks. In 2010, the company that owns Arbonne’s “Natural Products Group” was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Many internet accounts stated that the Natural Products Group simply wasn’t aware of what it was involved with. the running of a network marketing organization of that size and did not manage Arbonne’s resources well.

Arbonne’s business opportunity also prevents its distributors from using their own customized websites to sell on the Internet. If you want to sell Arbonne products online, you must use one of the company’s “one size fits all” websites. Arbonne officials say the nature of their business is “face-to-face” selling, but I know a large number of people who would prefer to do business online.

Another challenge that Arbonne has a hard time overcoming is its image of being too “girly”…both in products and customers. Its original product line of high-end cosmetics and skincare products has left that hard-to-shake image behind, and male customers are a bit harder to find than with most companies.

Look before you take advantage of any business opportunity

Arbonne’s business opportunity data, as with any company, can be misleading at times. Success, or lack of success, can be a confusing task. Be sure to do your “due diligence” when looking for a business opportunity that may be a good fit for you.

Here is a tip that might be helpful. Not long ago, I read about a conversation between a husband and wife about exercise. One mentioned that there was no such thing as a “best” exercise because exercise can be used to accomplish many different things and people find different exercises that work best for them. The other replied… “Well, I know what the best exercise is. It’s the one you do and don’t stop.”

Whether you’re talking about exercise or a business opportunity, look for “something you do and don’t quit.”

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