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Chair for ADHD: a new look at rocking chair therapy

In the past, the treatment of ADHD and ADD has been quite advanced. It has involved specialized medicine and various types of physical therapy. But doctors are beginning to turn to more traditional methods, such as rocking chair therapy. The rocking motion has such a calming effect on children that the medical field began experimenting with children with ADD. They use this special chair in classrooms all over the world. It is known as the ADHD chair. Children are benefiting from this old-fashioned chair at school, at home, and most importantly, in their attention span.

The chair is being implemented in “special needs” classrooms to relax students with the slow, soothing rocking motion as they listen to readings and work on their workbooks. Some studies have seen a greater increase in completed school assignments, as well as a higher grade point average when the rocking chair was used every day. Instead of getting bored so quickly, schools see children engaged in their studies for longer periods of time.

The success of rocking chair therapy is also making its way into the home. Where there was once a deficit in reading among children with ADD / ADHD, this unique form of therapy is increasing the child’s desire to read. Parents now have the option of using a rocking chair for more purposes than just decorating a child’s bedroom.

Any child’s attention can often be difficult to control, especially for children who cannot concentrate for long periods of time. That is why parents are throwing themselves at any new idea or method that can help them keep their child’s focus. Swinging is definitely one piece of this puzzle and should help families enjoy focused learning in the evenings or on weekends.

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