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Dubious Polls and Secret Rumor Impeachment Hearings: The Twist of a Conspiracy

Central government procedures carried out in secret, which directly affect the integrity of an entire nation, a republic, always smack of fascism and lawlessness, and remind the reasonable and historically minded person of the conspiracies of the Nazi Party in pre-Earth Germany. the Second World War. Under the US Constitution, articles of impeachment against a duly elected President of the US can only be asserted by the US House of Representatives against that President if he is charged with felonies and misdemeanors. Currently, a large majority of the American electorate, or those American citizens who are currently old enough to vote (more than 50 percent of them), demand to know the specific high crimes of which Donald Trump is accused in order to justify articles of judgment. politician in the House of Representatives. Representatives. Wise pundits like Mark Levin, Esq. have wept poignantly on TV and radio insisting on full openness and clarity from House Democrats, especially Adam Schiff, regarding his allegations against President Trump. Fictitious polls have been created and publicized in major media outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and NPR, such as the outrageous headline in USA Today which proclaims that 59% of The “American people” “say Trump saw gains through Ukraine,” according to a Quinnipiac University poll. What the heck is a Quinnipiac poll? Next week, the same newspaper could outrageously cite a Girl Scout poll indicating that 70 percent of Americans say Donald Trump should wear shorter ties of a color other than red.

As I have said before, like many other political analysts, all polls claimed to be accurate and reliable are woefully inaccurate and as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Most reasonable US citizens refuse to be bothered by telephone attorneys during weekday evening hours or on weekends; and that’s exactly what pollsters are, disruptive phone lawyers. These minimum wage hackers are soliciting opinions, and most working Americans refuse to answer their phones or immediately hang up when disturbed while relaxing or eating. So who are these pollsters contacting, if not reasonable American citizens, to make seemingly definitive percentage claims? To be perfectly frank, they are blatantly lying for their political overlord, the almighty dollar. When they say publicly that they have contacted a thousand reasonable voting American citizens during their survey, you can be sure that in reality they have contacted probably less than a hundred people, and those people were probably children, illegal immigrants barely able to speak English. , or unreasonable very depressed people who just want someone to talk to.

However, while lying to the American public is immoral, it is not illegal unless the liar is under oath to tell the truth. It is a shame that all newspapers and radio/television news outlets cannot be officially sworn in to publish and credibly assert the truth on a matter based solely on the relevant prevailing facts. If that were so, people like lying investor Rep. Adam Shiff would have no platform from which to spew his snake venom.

You see, the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives has used Shiff’s fabricated version of President Trump’s phone exchange with the Ukrainian president to flaunt the hearsay statement of the alleged CIA whistleblower in the spotlight. In effect, that CIA employee is not a whistleblower, but simply a gossip who did not hear anything directly from President Trump, but only uttered words that he allegedly heard someone else say something about a phone call between Mr. Trump and the ukrainian. President. However, Mr. Trump has already released an official transcript of the phone call, and there is nothing in it that could be construed as inappropriate or illegal. What this Democrat-engineered effort to impeach Mr. Trump boils down to is an illegal pragmatic conspiracy decree to remove the president from office; since they were unable to do so legally through the 2016 election and the collusion witch hunt with Russia, called the Mueller investigation. Mr. Trump overcame each of these ridiculous challenges shining bright like a new silver dollar. Like Hillary Clinton’s perverse and illegal dealings in the Obama-era State Department, her email illegalities and pathological lies came back to bite her in the rear, causing her to lose the 2016 presidential election and trust of the American electorate, all dishonest The illegal actions of the Democratic Party before and since 2017 to harm President Trump will cause the Democrats to lose the majority in the House and the presidential elections in 2020.

The secret committee hearings in the US House of Representatives taking place on Capitol Hill will only serve to create suspicion in the collective mind of the American electorate, to denigrate and discredit Trump’s accusers. Openness and disclosure are the hallmarks of a constitutional republic. In the end, those millions of people, illegal immigrants, dead Americans, and many dead-minded Democrats, who, through the pragmatic political machinations of the Democratic Party in the “big city” states, will end up voting in the 2016 election for a socialist candidate. Democrat, there will hardly be enough votes to match the large popular vote of the reasonable American heartland, which will no doubt give President Trump more than 300 electoral votes and secure his re-election. The voice and will of the true American electorate will be heard loud and clear.

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