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Great tips for choosing a hotel in Aruba

Aruba is an island located in the heart of the Caribbean, off the coast of Venezuela. It is officially part of the Netherlands. Their main language is Papiamento and Dutch, but English is also spoken.

Compared to other islands in the Caribbean, Aruba is the perfect vacation spot for both couples and families. In fact, it is the first country in the Caribbean to offer an online bridal registry for couples who want to register their honeymoon in the region.

Aruba is visited by thousands of people every year for the great wonders it offers. In addition to being renowned for its year-round welcoming climate, visitors enjoy miles of pristine beaches, world-class hotels and resorts, as well as excellent surf breaks, casinos, and dozens of fine dining options.

In addition, this Dutch island offers several great resorts such as the exotic Radisson Aruba Resort and Casino. It is approximately 14 acres with 1,600 feet of waterfront area. The Radisson does its part by providing a lush experience for its guests, displaying the true charm of Aruba from the moment they step foot in its open-air entrance hall. The memories will even linger until your guests make their way to the departure aisles and say their goodbyes.

One of the most recommended lodging destinations for families or couples in Aruba is the Golden Tulip Bucuti Beach Resort. It is located right on the sparkling white sand beaches of the main city, Oranjested. It is the most ideal place to see in Aruba.

The Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa is another wonderful place to stay. One can rejuvenate and relax in the first-rate services and comfort it offers. This full-service hotel and resort greets you with comfortable hospitality, making visitors want to return to this wonderful destination again and again.

There are suggested ways to find the right luxury hotels in Aruba. First, select the accommodations that suit your budget and style.

Choose a luxury hotel that can easily accommodate all your needs. Most of the hotels in Aruba have a restaurant, casino, shopping arcade and spa.

Settle in at one of Aruba’s cozy boutique hotels. It has a fully equipped kitchen and careful decoration, making you feel relaxed and at home.

Try to invite friends and rent a villa together. The rent can be divided between friends.

When planning a trip to Aruba, book flights through Queen Boatrix International Airport. Another option is to take a comfortable cruise inland. You can rent a car at the airport. Local driving license will be accepted.

Learn several of the customs in Aruba ahead of time to better appreciate their ways once you’re already in town.

If you plan to go to Aruba during the peak summer season, it’s best to make plans and reservations several months in advance. During the month of June, you can attend the San Juan Day party and witness the traditional folk dance of the Arubans, in their bright yellow and red costumes.

Travel around Aruba by hitting the road on a rented motorcycle or scooter. For a more comfortable trip, a tour guide can pick you up at your hotel or resort and show you wonderful areas in Aruba. Drive to the northern shores of Aruba to see spectacular sand dunes. Escape to the more remote regions of Aruba using a 4×4 vehicle.

Other adventures available in Aruba are glass bottom boat tours, helicopter tours, tennis and golf.

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