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Hierarchy of soul mates and twin souls

There are basic categories of soul connections that can be identified. We recognize them by the role souls play in the lives of others and the energy that underlies the connection.

Even as I write this, I do so for the purpose of helping you understand that not all soul relationships are meant to last for an earthly life of forever nor are they meant to be a feel good experience in many cases. We experience soul mates for the primary purpose of helping us remember who WE are and promoting our spiritual awakening while in these human bodies. There are numerous soul encounters that can occur in our lives; this is simply an attempt to clarify the main categories.


While we are not really related on a soul level, we feel warm, comfortable, and quickly at ease with these people. We share a deep mutual understanding of people and situations based on our soul age, spiritual values, and most likely similar metaphysical abilities. We energetically vibrate at a similar level, but we do not have the family ties as with a member of our soul family.

Primary: father, son, relative, friend

Primary soulmates stay the course with us for years, often a lifetime. We experience the ebb and flow of life together. Although these relationships have ups and downs, it is about teaching us to forgive, to love in a sustainable way, not for what someone can give us, but for who exactly they are; faults and everything (parents and siblings for example). These souls teach us about acceptance in a universal way. Over time we realize that we have chosen each other for lessons that could not have come otherwise. It is essential that you forgive these souls for any trauma they have caused you. It’s critical to your own health, but in terms of soulmate hierarchy, you’ll never attract a high-level soulmate until you have completely forgiven all primary soul mates.

lesser soulmate: Teacher, friend, person in line at the store, classmate you meet on vacation

These souls can fulfill their role in an instant or they can be with you for a period of time. They won’t stay with you for long, but you’ll probably never forget them. These souls can tell you something that will change the course of your life. Their impact is powerful and there is no chance of ignoring the notice they bring you. If what they teach you “stings” at first, it will become one of those lessons that you are most grateful for reaching a certain level of spiritual awareness.

Karmic Partner:

romantic couple, friend, adventure

Ready ready to go with these. There is instant recognition. If it is a romantic relationship, the physical chemistry is intense. It is intense enough that souls choose to enjoy physical expression while ignoring the little voice that says “there’s trouble here.” These relationships burn brightly and usually end on terms that are unpleasant. These relationships are designed to teach important lessons that can only being taught by someone we love. When these relationships end, it’s often one-sided or out of anger rather than a slow fade. The person who “leaves” learns resilience, among other things, and there could be many reasons why the person who leaves leaves; but they must learn to end a relationship with mutual respect instead of an inexplicable parting. If they don’t learn this (either party), they will continue these types of relationships in this life and the next until they learn the valuable lessons that ONLY these connections can teach. The pain of these breakups, whether romantic or from someone you were sure would be your friend forever, can be devastating. This soulmate bond category is designed to teach you more about yourself than anything else in your life to date. If you learn what is intended, you are preparing yourself on a soul level for a high level soul mate.

Karmic partner: Friend, romantic partner, parent/child

There is not much drama in these relationships. You have worked most of your karma with these souls in previous lives. These relationships feel like a break from the intensity of other types of soul relationships. That can be a welcome change! They are based on friendship rather than passion. It will certainly have some ups and downs and disagreements, but the overall purpose is that of the company. The lessons in these relationships progress over time instead of being shoved down your throat. Karmic Partners can share any period of physical time together. A romantic or friendship Karmic Partner can last a lifetime; however, if you separate things, they usually fizzle out rather than suddenly end. You will feel that it is time to move on. There is a sense of maturity: “It is time for us to part” and you will wish the best for your partner. It’s a soulmate bond with a “grown-up feeling.”

Senior or high-level soulmate

romantic partner

Like meeting a karmic soul mate, there is usually an instant recognition, through the energy field or through the eyes. The desire to be with and really knowing the other person on a soul level is intense. Partners at this level are so happy to have discovered each other. It is often said that there is a feeling of “coming home”. There is a deep and lasting friendship. Partners are ready to sacrifice something for themselves in order to benefit their partner. They discover that their partner’s fulfillment seems to mean just as much as their own…yet they experience that without discounting their own growth or happiness. There is a perfect and easy balance of “I/You/We”. When problems arise, and they will arise because we are human, partners have the soul/mind tools to quickly rectify the situation and return to a place of harmony. These are ways you will recognize the difference between a senior soulmate and a karmic soulmate. Partners at this level have learned to balance the need to stay be with the necessary skills to be a soul based equipment.

Twin Flame – Two souls created from the same energetic unity – your soul’s most complementary partner

There is No always instant recognition. Twin Flame recognition occurs on an energetic/soul level rather than a physical level, although physical attraction typically follows. There is a mutual compulsion that exceeds anything anyone has experienced in the past. He challenges logical or rational thought. The Twins have trouble making eye contact at first. That’s because they know everything about each other just by looking into their eyes. This is a great responsibility and both parties sense it. While an older soulmate can be recognized through eyes, a Twin Flame perceives everything about his twin through the eyes. There are elements unique to a Twin Flame pair that do not exist in other soul connections. While all soulmate relationships serve to promote the spiritual growth of individuals, twin flames meet with a purpose beyond the individual.

You must unite your energies/souls to bring light, love and healing to the planet and its inhabitants. When these two unite, there is an exponential burst of energy that is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Being introduced to your Twin Flame is the ultimate spiritual responsibility and should not be belittled by romanticizing the nature of the work Twins must do.

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