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Movie Review – The Reflecting Pool

Whether you see yourself as a truth seeker, a patriotic American, an independent thinker or voter, or simply someone with bad memories of 9/11, you should make an effort to watch The Reflecting Pool, a new independent film. . It’s not about 9/11. It is about the credibility of the official government story of 9/11. Although it is a drama, it is based on meticulously researched facts about 9/11 as revealed in the bonus material on the DVD.

The story deals with the search for the truth and the disturbing implications of uncovering the truth of 9/11 that conflicts with what has become folklore about the historic event.

The plot follows the efforts of freelance journalist Alex Prokop and Paul Cooper, a 9/11 investigator and father of a victim, to piece together bits of fact into a picture that ultimately implicates the US government in the attacks. The horror of this revelation rivals the horror of the events of 9/11, especially when we realize that far more people, especially American soldiers, have been killed by 9/11 in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan than in the wars. 11 of September. However, closing our eyes to this truth makes us complicit in one of the world’s most diabolical and despicable events.

And that’s the dilemma viewers face after watching this haunting docudrama: What if this fictional story accurately depicted how our government played a role in causing 9/11?

Writer/director Jarek Kupsc stars as Alex Prokop, who examines a mysterious videotape from 9/11 that reveals new information about the attack. Joseph Culp appears as Paul Cooper, the man who sent the tape and whose daughter died on 9/11. Although skeptical of conspiracy theories and fearful that it would jeopardize his career, Prokop agrees to take on the story with the support of his magazine editor and former Gulf War correspondent, McGuire, played by Lisa Black.

The film follows Prokop and Cooper, especially as they investigate one of the great mysteries of 9/11: the inexplicable collapse of the 47-story Building 7 of the World Trade Center, unhit by any aircraft. They discover the illegal destruction of physical evidence from Ground Zero and uncover information that the White House knew an attack was imminent. The team spends two weeks in New York and Washington DC, interviewing people and uncovering damning information never mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report. The FBI gets involved, the magazine’s corporate investors threaten to kill the entire story, and Prokop is attacked by a lawsuit and the media in an effort to discredit his story. Why?

Because the official version presented in the 9/11 Commission Report deliberately ignored or omitted evidence and testimony vital to protecting people in the Bush administration. Haunted by the ghosts of his childhood in Russia and trying to defend the independence of American journalism, Prokop struggles to face this terrible truth. The film illustrates that, as is often the case, the truth does not set you free; tie your stomach and your conscience in knots. He will remind you of All the President’s Men and JFK, movies that also used drama to pursue political truths.

The DVD is available for just $15 at and you’ll want to lend it to friends and family or give it as a gift, which is especially attractive with even lower prices for five or ten DVD packs. An extended trailer is available at Details about the film and its actors are at

Video rental outlets like Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Netflix, and Redbox should have this DVD available. If not, it is further evidence that status quo thinking is subverting the truth of 9/11 to the detriment of American democracy. Public libraries should also stock this important educational film. Once you see it, you will also feel that it will reach a wide audience.

Warning: No matter what you know or think you know about 9/11, this movie will rattle your brain, make you think, and maybe keep you up at night.

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