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Network Marketing Success Story: I Was An MLM Skeptic

Over the years, my experiences and those of my friends and family had convinced me that any Network Marketing company was doomed. The promise of MLM success seemed to be nothing more than persuasive propaganda. Finally exhausted of time, money, and energy, we must have resembled a sea of ​​people circling like dying fish in a proverbial cesspool of confusion, disappointment, and financial ruin.

As a result, my skepticism had kept me safe from the clutches of MLM predators everywhere. To illustrate my resistance, take the following ad, commonly seen in the classified section of every community newspaper available at every corner store in every neighborhood:

  • “Earn Extra Income From Home! Be Your Own Boss! Enjoy Financial Freedom! Call 1-800-GET-RICH.”

With my justifiably jaded perception of the MLM industry firmly in place, my mind formed a somewhat altered perception of this statement:

  • “Join the exciting world of network marketing. Learn how to successfully annoy and alienate friends, family, and loved ones. Unexpectedly exceed your credit card limits and then master the art of avoiding collection agencies. Proudly able to say : ‘I’ve been there, done, that … I took the shirt … and lost it. All this for a small investment of the meager remnants of your life savings. Call 1-800-MLM-SCAM. ” .

As a result of my resistance to such publicity, I felt quite satisfied living my life vicariously through the financial suffering of others.

Yet despite this cynical outlook on all things “MLM”, I still remained convinced that somehow Network Marketing could theoretically work (sort of like communism). The goal became to find a way to generate substantial income without expending energy and effort for the benefit of someone else’s financial gain. I continued to keep one eye cautiously open for a sign of proven success.

Discovering a system that works

One day, when I least expected it, and through what must have been a predetermined set of circumstances, I was presented with a new way of approaching the MLM industry. Perhaps my limited success in building my business was not due to my product or my marketing methods … perhaps it was not my fault at all. They explained it to me like this:

If you accepted a job with a company, wouldn’t you like to read the Employee Handbook? Wouldn’t you like to learn about your advancement opportunities? What about the rules and regulations regarding the reasons for sudden termination? Wouldn’t you like to know about pay raises and benefits? What about retirement policies? Why Should Your Network Marketing Business Be Any Different?

Read and understand their policies and procedures

Remember, this is your contract with the company and it is critical to the success of your business. Many people make poor decisions to join a particular company based on their emotions, but with limited information about the company. They do not consider ALL areas that are critically important from a business perspective.

Simply believing in your product is the absolutely wrong reason to get involved with any company. Having a good product is important, but the product alone does not mean that you will make money.

Consider the fact that many network marketing companies are owned and operated by people who have absolutely no experience in the field. They just see MLM as a very lucrative means of distributing their product. MLM is only a means to an end. They have no respect for the people who are in the trenches, which makes their company a success. Who do you think will lose out if you decide to change company policy for your own financial gain?

Learn how to look for red flags intended to cover up a company’s hidden agenda. Policies and procedures should be simple and easy to understand. If a company has hidden some devious trick in its Compensation Plan through legal jargon that requires research using a Black Law Dictionary, don’t think they won’t use it to take away your downline and steal your paycheck. If they don’t plan on using it, why would it be there?

Business models drive behavior in the field

A company’s compensation plan and will determine the activities and conduct of its affiliates and sales representatives. For example, if a business relies on a “recruit, recruit, recruit” mentality for its affiliates to earn substantial residual income, the tendency will be to list all of their friends, family, and all the acquaintances they have had since the garden of infants. , sign everyone up, give them minimal training, and then throw them against the wall to see who sticks.

This works great for the top five percent of an organization, but what about the rest of us? Instead, there must also be a way to earn income from retail sales and there must be ongoing training supported by the upline.

Questions to ask yourself when evaluating your P&P and your compensation plan

  • How many people will you need in your organization to make $ 10,000 a month on residual backend income alone, not including bonuses?
  • Is it profitable for part-time people? (Remember, about 95% of your organization will be made up of part-time people.)
  • Does the compensation plan pay for all volume WITHOUT breakages?

Five qualities your business must have for you to be successful

  • Business management experience with integrity.
  • Synchronization in the industry and synchronization in your company.
  • A flagship product at an affordable price: there must be more than one product and it must be affordable.
  • A compensation plan that pays the average person part-time.
  • A proven duplicatable system with upline support.

If your business is lacking just one of these qualities, you will have a hard time making your business work, and if more are lacking, it will be next to impossible for it to be successful … your business will be fine with you or without you. .

Make sure your company is not working against you

We work hard to build our organization and we don’t need our company to undermine our efforts. Your home business should be fun, rewarding, and profitable. You must have a positive outlook on your chances of success. Free yourself from feelings of regret, failure, and an empty bank account. Learn to read and understand their policies and procedures. Perhaps you too can become a reformed skeptic.

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