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Pixel Advertising Fundraising Raises Money and Awareness for Nonprofits

Pixel advertising is a form of Internet advertising that is gaining popularity. The publicity surrounding a pixel advertising website created by a British university student who needed to raise money to pay for his education has created a lot of interest in this type of advertising.

The website, called, has earned its creator, Alex Tew, hundreds of thousands of dollars since it launched in August 2005. The home page of the Tew website is a grid divided into blocks of a million pixels. The pixels are sold to advertisers in blocks of 100 pixels, each of which measures 10 x 10 pixels. Each block of pixels becomes part of a colorful mosaic of advertising on the website. At $ 1.00 a pixel, when the page sells out, Tew will have raised a million dollars for his education with this creative advertising technique.

Could your nonprofit organization, club or group raise a million dollars selling ad pixel micro blocks? It’s possible. Anyone can set up a pixel advertising website and The Million Dollar Homepage has inspired many businesses and organizations to create their own pixel advertising campaigns. Your organization may already be selling advertising space in your programs or other printed materials. Selling pixel advertising is like selling any other form of advertising, except that the advertising appears on the World Wide Web as long as you keep your website active. The potential for millions of people to see your ad, for a year or more, is a great selling point for advertisers and donors.

What do you need to get started with pixel advertising fundraising? If your organization already has a website, you can set up pixel advertising on a page of your existing site. Or you can buy a new domain name and set up a website just for your

pixel fundraiser. You will need a web hosting account for your site and a pixel advertising software program. You can purchase a software program online and install it yourself or have it installed by a professional. Your organization will also need to set up an online payment processor, such as PayPal. When your website is set up, you will need a person in your organization to manage and monitor the program. You will be able to sell all advertising online through the software program, as well as process payments online.

Trying to raise a million dollars sound unrealistic for your organization? When you configure your software program, you can set your own selling price for the pixels. Therefore, your organization must decide how much money you need to raise and what will be the theme of your advertising website. If you want to raise fifty thousand dollars, then you would sell your pixels for five cents a pixel. This would make a 100-pixel block cost just five dollars. You can also change the minimum number of required ad unit purchases. If your minimum required ad units are 1,000, then your minimum ad unit would cost a very reasonable $ 50 per ad space. You would also only have to sell a thousand ad space to earn fifty thousand dollars. Even if you sold your pixels for a penny a pixel, you could still make $ 10,000 off a one-pixel ad page.

How Can Nonprofits Use Pixel Advertising? You could sell pixels and donate the money to a charity like the American Red Cross. Or, set up a pixel page to raise funds for a specific project, like building a playground or a spring school trip. Pixels don’t have to be sold just to companies. A school group could sell pixels to alumni or parents of a graduating class. A graduating class could set up a pixel page and raise money for their graduation party.

The fundraising possibilities with pixel advertising are limitless. A well designed and promoted pixel ad campaign has the potential to raise money and awareness for your organization. This form of advertising fundraising is worth considering as part of your organization’s fundraising strategy.

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