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The 7 key mindsets of an unfaithful partner

Have you always wanted to understand the mentality of a cheating partner? Have you ever been puzzled by the behavior of cheaters? Well… believe it or not, but all cheaters have some key common mindsets that allow them to cheat. They have some key attitudes that allow them to sanction their unfaithful ways. So what are the key mindsets of a cheating spouse?

1. Wrong view of the relationship. This partner has a confused perspective on how they want their relationship to be long-term or their view of the relationship is that they are only in it for a short time. If your partner’s view is wrong, then they have created space to allow themselves to be unfaithful to you.

2. No relationship goal. A partner with this mindset does not have a long-term goal for the relationship. This mainly happens because many of us have a goal to get into a relationship, but once we are in the relationship, we have no goal for the relationship. We just keep moving without knowing where we are going as a couple. A partner with no relationship goal will easily cheat when the opportunity presents itself.

3. Incorrect ratio evaluation meter. Cheating partners compare their relationship to other relationships rather than their own vision of what they want for their relationship. And as everyone knows, when they compare themselves to others, they become vain or discontented. Self-importance gives a false sense of invincibility which makes a person more prone to cheating as they do not take the necessary security measures against cheating. Discontent, on the other hand, causes a person to look elsewhere for fulfillment in search of the elusive ‘great’ relationship other people have.

4. No growth. This is a partner who is not committed to continuing to grow in the relationship and has the mindset of wanting things to stay the way they were in the beginning and if things change then they are prone to being fake as they search for what ‘used to be’. ‘.

5. Emotions retained by the past. A partner with this mindset is controlled by the past. Whatever happened in the past still has a hold on this partner. This means that if this person was cheated on, he believes all the other couples will cheat on him and keep talking about it or acting like it’s happening until it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. To avoid this pitfall, make sure your partner has made peace with their past.

6. Immediate gratification. A couple with this mindset is usually not ready to make sacrifices for the relationship. They are focused on getting gratification now and therefore won’t resist attraction to other people, placing a greater importance on how they feel, now and here, regardless of its possible repercussions.

7.Avoid responsibility. A partner with this mentality does not take responsibility for himself. It’s always someone else’s fault or they couldn’t help themselves. This mindset sets up your partner to cheat, as they have convinced themselves that they are not responsible.

A couple with just one of these mindsets can, with a little help, learn to change their attitude, but a couple with most of these will need some serious mental transformation to close the door on infidelity.

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