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The magic of green tea for weight loss

In the quest to lose weight by people who may be on the fat side, it is necessary to combine some effective lifestyle practices to achieve the goal of weight loss. Routine daily exercise and a good diet plan are important keys to helping you shed those extra pounds. Anyone who has been actively looking for ways to lose weight must have heard some good things about drinking green tea as a weight loss strategy. You would probably like to learn more about this wonderful infusion and how it helps you lose weight. Here it is;

Green tea is a powerful beverage that has been regularly consumed by people in Asia for several thousand years. It has substantial health benefits that are believed to have a direct and positive impact on weight management, which can be attributed to the fact that this drink contains many polyphenols. Polyphenols contain antioxidants that can fight free radicals so they don’t attack healthy cells.

What makes this tea so special is the production process. With most of the black tea we commonly drink, nutrients can be lost during processing. This is because dried tea leaves are used, while only fresh leaves are used with green tea. The fresh leaves are usually steamed at very high temperatures.

Although green tea isn’t exactly caffeine-free, it has much lower milligrams of caffeine compared to other tea drinks. Even though it gives you the energy of coffee, it does something that is nothing short of a miracle for people looking to lose weight. Coffee raises insulin levels and insulin can sabotage fat loss. Green tea lowers the insulin level; as a result, body fat is reduced.

Drinking 3 cups of this amazing tea throughout the day can increase your metabolism by 4% over the course of 24 hours, which means better efforts to lose weight. Green tea also helps prevent glucose from turning into fat cells. The drink itself is low in calories and many people like to include it as part of their weight loss plan as it can help control their appetite.

Simply put, green tea helps your body to be more active, and this goes a long way in burning fat. Without a doubt, these interesting facts and benefits about the precious tea will surely be helpful in your weight loss goal. Don’t you want to start incorporating it into your diet plan?

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