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Israeli Jews Could Learn From Christian Zionists

For the first time in 100 generations, the Jews have their own territory and are in control. The last thing they need is half-fucked-up Christians telling them what to do.

Thanks in large part to God working in and through “Christian Zionists” who recognized the biblical need for restoration for Jews before most Jews. You reveal your lamentable ignorance of the influential Christian leaders who resulted in the return of the Jews and military training in Eretz Yisrael from Orde Wingate to the gentleman described below, to whom you owe an apology. Not to mention all those strong supporters who support Israel and call on our US officials to stop funding “Palestinians”, stop pressuring Israel to hand over the Holy Land, etc. Perhaps it is time to let the Jews go and suffer the consequences of their sins and no longer stand in the gap for them?

I guess Christians are easy targets when what they say is biblical and most Jews are secular with traditional trappings. God is not fooled. The plain truth remains the plain truth, even if God has to deliver it to the Israelis (who don’t want to be Jewish, parting with their Hebrew roots and Biblical responsibilities) through Christian servants who have the same holy spirit as them. who were good enough to save the Jews who did not take the warnings of Hitler or Jabotinsky to heart and with the same holy spirit that moved the Gentile King Cyrus to encourage the Jews to come out of their exile and return to Zion and build the Temple. I am sure that some conceited and assimilated Jews did not appreciate the non-Jewish advice from him, while others humbly recognized him as inspired by our Great Creator God.

“One of the influential British social reformers who was influenced by premillennial theology was Lord Shaftesbury, an evangelical Christian who was conservatively closely linked to leading members of the British Parliament. In 1839, Shaftesbury published an essay in the distinguished literary magazine Quarterly Review, titled “The State and Restoration of the Jews”, where he argued: “(The) Jews must be encouraged to return (to Palestine) in even greater numbers and become once more the farmers of Judea and Galilee.” Written 57 years BEFORE Zionist thinkers Max Nordau, Israel Zangwill, and Theodor Herzl popularized the phrase, Shaftesbury called the Jews “a people without a country for a country without a people. land without a people for a people without a land.” Gradually, Shaftesbury’s views gained acceptance among British journalists, clergy and politicians.” – excerpt from Christian Zionism.

I am a Jew, not a Christian, and I am back here in my land.

If you call yourself a Jew, and you are living in the Jewish homeland as designated by the Bible, why do you as a Jew refuse to do what the Bible itself requires to defend it and protect it from sworn enemies? Completely defeat and/or expel them, as Meir Kahane rightly called for and live as Jews, not just Israelis, in Eretz Yisrael.

I am not ready to slaughter them and I am not yet ready to push them into the Jordan or the sea to satisfy you.

This is not about me, this is about defense and national security. Why are you in denial? Even if you are not ready to do whatever it takes to uproot the evil in Israel, Hamas, Fatah, the PLO, all those Nazi-Muslim organizations of death and destruction, are more than willing to slaughter Jews and push them into the sea to be satisfied.

You have already lost the psychological warfare because they are prepared to fight you to the end, and you are not prepared to just defend yourself and REMOVE THE THREAT once and for all. Instead, he aids and abets them by supporting the transfer of Jews, making Biblical areas Judenrein, and they still they hate you and them still they have their evil eye on Jerusalem.

Israel has the military power, but lacks the will, suffering the curse for disobedience where God says it will break the pride of his power: a broken will. Kadima represents such a defeatist attitude and disastrous leadership. You don’t want war and you still have it. Rather than use the power God has given you to WIN THE WAR, you choose to continue to engage in a war of attrition that continues to erode the Jewish homeland and undermine Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Tea [Western] Wall gives me all the spiritual comfort I need.

And many Jews were content with their ghettos in Europe, and jaded Jews are content with their wall of destruction and tears, defeatism, instead of rising up and making aliyah where the God of Jacob commands instead of the Turks (who designated the Wailing Wall for Jews and the Temple Mount for Muslims). If you want to submit to the decrees of the gentiles instead of the Biblical mandates, all of Jerusalem will soon be under EU occupation and you will get what you please and learn to hate and abhor it as you should.

If the day comes when I can pray on the mountain, it will not have been a weapon that cleared the mosque, I assure you.

You cannot assure me of anything, since you are a mortal mother and you cannot make anything of such importance happen. Do you somehow think that the Nazi-Muslims are going to invite the Jews back to their supposed holiest place that they have allowed gentile foxes to trample over them and bark at Jews and Israelis? Israelis cannot say “The Temple Mount is in our hands.” But your lying “peace partners” mock you and slander the Holy Name by occupying it with their foreign mosques.

Or do you think an earthquake will wipe out militant mosques, symbols of foreign rule? If the Israelis don’t do what God requires of them, liberate the Temple Mount and build the Temple, God could send an earthquake with deaths that could have been prevented, as I mention in Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Rise and Fall.

Have you forgotten that it is by the grace of God and your weapons that have cleared the way for you to stay on Earth for so long? Have you ever heard of praising God and passing the ammo? God helps those who help themselves.

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