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An Unbiased Keyword Elite Review: What Is Keyword Elite Really Capable Of?

An unbiased Keyword Elite review can help you make your decision to go for Keyword Elite or not. While Keyword Elite reviews are ten cents on the net, finding unbiased reviews of anything is very difficult. Keyword Elite can be very useful for driving traffic to your website, if you are a niche marketer or focusing on AdWords.

There are five main steps involved in using Keyword Elite and this review will go through each of them. Once you take a look at the five projects in this Keyword Elite review, you’ll see that this software will perform best if your revenue is from pay-per-click ads.

The first step is the “Analyze Pay Per Click Listings” option. Once you set it up, you can specify which search engine(s) you want to get your information from and set the criteria: KEI, title results, top bids, Google broad/phrase/exact match, etc. For the best information, add the option to add information from Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker as well. The downside is that you can only choose from 0 to 100 Overture keywords, which may not be enough. In your results, you will even see the URL of your competitors’ websites.

The second step, “Create a keyword list”, allows you to create a comprehensive list of keywords from different search engines. You can specify the number you want with the slider, but one complaint has been that this doesn’t always work. The advantages are that you can filter these lists and add words to them.

These lists not only give you exact matches, but also synonyms and related words. This can mess up the list a bit, but the editing tool is very effective. You can add words like review to sentences, but only one word at a time, which can take a bit of time.

“Select a keyword list” is the third option. This is a bit redundant: it gives you ready-searched, keyword-ready lists, which you can customize, but the lists you can create serve you much better. Keyword Elite reviews, if they’re being honest, don’t find much use for this.

“Keyword Competition Analyzer” is a very useful tool that can give you detailed analysis and results that include data about each of the top websites for the keyword you specify, including page rank and whether the keyword it’s in h1 tags, b tags, title tags, within the first 25 words, etc.

“Spy on AdWords Competitor” is an option that will allow you to track your competition over a period of time, once you specify the URL of the sites you want to track.

The Keyword Elite review verdict is that this tool can make a huge difference to your revenue through pay-per-click ads. More unbiased Keyword Elite reviews along with tons of useful information await you on my blog.

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