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Do Maui Fire Lawyers Work With Experts in Fire Investigation and Prevention?

Experts in Fire Investigation and Prevention

A common question in the aftermath of catastrophic wildfires is whether or not local lawyers have the resources and experience to effectively represent victims. Fortunately, many do. In addition to being experienced Maui fire lawyers, they work with experts in fire investigation and prevention. This helps them uncover the facts of a case and make informed decisions.

Fire investigators are professionals who analyze fire-related incidents to determine the cause and origin of a wildfire. They also provide recommendations to prevent future incidents. This is why many fire departments rely on these specialists. While a fire is burning, it is nearly impossible to identify the root cause. Therefore, fire investigators must be very thorough and utilize a team approach.

When a fire is reported, the Maui fire lawyers department immediately assigns one or more investigators to the scene. Depending on the severity of the incident, the investigators will request additional help from county, state or federal agencies to ensure that they cover all the bases. Often, the investigation requires specialized knowledge of how fires spread and how they affect the environment. These specialists may use forensic engineering, geographic information systems (GIS), and aerial photography to examine a fire’s path and determine the cause.

Do Maui Fire Lawyers Work With Experts in Fire Investigation and Prevention?

The investigators’ work is essential because they can be used to determine whether the fire was accidental or intentional. If it was intentional, the person responsible may be charged with a criminal offense. Similarly, if the fire spread to the point where people lost their lives, the investigators’ conclusions can be used as evidence in wrongful death lawsuits.

Hawaiian Electric fire lawyers

In the case of the recent fires in Maui, there is a consensus that the fires were caused by downed power lines. However, the investigation is still ongoing. Some of the victims are pursuing legal action against Hawaiian Electric to compensate them for their losses. These lawsuits claim that the company ignored national guidelines by failing to shut off power during Hurricane Dora. They also allege that Hawaiian Electric has neglected to maintain safety upgrades on its power grid infrastructure.

While insurance is available to cover most of the expenses associated with wildfires, it is not always enough. A significant amount of money is required to repair or rebuild a home, replace belongings, restore landscaping and even recover lost income. Many victims are forced to take on debt or sell their property to pay for these costs. This is why it is so important to have a solid insurance plan.

Our firm has been representing fire victims in the Islands for years. While many firms solicit fire victims with gifts, incentives, or stories of past success, we believe that true justice and accountability will require an attorney who understands Hawaii’s courts, local values, government systems, insolvency issues and Hawaii juries. That is why we have partnered with a number of renowned experts in this field. This helps us give our clients the best possible representation, and it also helps ensure that our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

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