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First Time Renters – Here’s Your Guide

I moved to this whole new city: a lower paying job, no friends to stay with, and absolutely no home. Honestly, I had no money to spend on a hotel, even if it meant a day (I mentioned the low-fund thing) and no time to waste looking for flats in the new city. The easiest solution was PG Renting – it was supposed to be reliable for my low budget and I wouldn’t have to worry about finding someone to stay with too.

But, this is not where it all ends; PG rent is a big deal and if you are a first time renter there are an extreme amount of things you are supposed to cover.

Here’s a guide for all you first-time renters out there, like me. Also, if you want, you can thank me later.

  1. Keep your documents ready: The first thing to do is to have the necessary documents ready; Whether it’s your job offer letter or some documents related to your educational institution, make sure you’re ready with the test. This is the first step in building your trust and impression on your potential landlord. When you are asked to submit the documents, make sure you can do it all without hesitation.
  2. At least have an idea about your workplace/institute: If you are new to a city, it can be very difficult for you to have complete information about your workplace or institution, but make sure you have an idea. This will help you rent a PG that is close to your desired destination; Also, this will help you decide your mode of transportation between the two locations.
  3. Be very clear about your requirements: It is best to mention all your PG rental requirements to your landlord, this will help them decide if this paid accommodation will be the perfect fit for you or not. Tell them in detail everything you need and if you are open to any negotiation or not. Be very clear; leave no room for later issues between you and the landlord.
  4. Understand the policies: Each PG has its own set of policies that must be carefully considered and followed. Whether it’s PG’s check-in and check-out policy or monthly rent, electric bills, etc. make sure you are very clear about everything from the beginning. Please understand all policies well before you plan to move in as a paying guest, if you have any queries please make sure you have asked them well in advance.
  5. Always make a PG lease: The mistake most landlords and tenants make is not making a PG rental agreement. This is one of the most important documents that will clearly mention all the facilities provided to you as well as the terms and conditions of your stay at the PG. Make sure you have this document ready before you finally move with your luggage.

If this is the first time you have these five points mentioned above, it will be an absolute help for you, regardless of your city and location. Be sure to consider all of these to find the right paid hosting for you.

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