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How to Find the Best Helicopter Flight Training

Many people are shocked to learn that things like helicopter flight training exist and that such services are actually offered in the military and armed forces arena. If this weren’t surprising enough, ask any commercial operator or helicopter flight instructor what group of people constitutes their largest market share and the answer will invariably be: ordinary consumers.

The helicopter training market is extremely lucrative (a quick look at the fees charged by the average service provider will quickly attest to this fact!) And as a result, this directly benefits the consumer, as it means the market is very competitive as well. What this means then is that the consumer really does have a lot of choice as they can rely on services from a number of different providers and as a result it is the consumer and not the service provider who has most of the power in this particular equation. For this reason, be sure to do your homework and really take the time to shop around and compare different service providers and the quality of service they offer.

A common mistake potential pilots make is that they automatically assume that the cheapest service provider is the worst and the most expensive is the best. Nothing could be further from the truth and therefore while the price charged will be an important variable to consider, it should only be considered after all other variables have been weighed first. Make sure the prospective instructor you want to work with is properly qualified and has been professionally vetted and licensed. How many years have they been involved in the industry and what is their success rate?

As a general rule, any service provider that isn’t especially forthcoming with details is simply not worth the money. If they are reluctant to answer your questions or are evasive, you should find someone else. Learning to fly a helicopter is a tough and demanding process and will require a great relationship and trust with your instructor. If you can’t trust them, how the hell are you going to cope with the pressures of flying a plane several thousand feet off the ground?

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