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Official Qivana Review – Part 2: The Industry

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The industry

Qivana has positioned itself to take advantage of two HUGE industry trends that are converging. The first industry is network marketing (ie, relationship marketing, direct sales, or MLM), which has been around for over 50 years and generates over $100 billion in sales per year globally. Network marketing is the creation of brand awareness and the distribution of products or services through relationships.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled “THE ULTIMATE SOCIAL BUSINESS MODEL” stated that from March 2009 through May 2011, the top 7 publicly traded network marketing companies averaged a 268% increase in the price of the actions. It is this industry model that also provides the ability for the average individual to participate in the free enterprise system without major investment and create long-term wealth. There’s no need to worry about customer service, accounting, payroll, employees, or any other issues you have to deal with when you own your own business, because it’s all handled for you. By simply working part-time, you can create a secondary income, which can transition into a primary income, and eventually into long-term wealth through residual income.

The second industry is the Health and Wellness industry, which also generates over $100 billion in sales per year globally and has seen double-digit growth every year since 1990; unlike many other industries. Paul Zane Pilzer, author of The Wellness Revolution, has predicted that it will become a TRILLION dollar industry by the year 2016. That’s just 5 years from now and in the process it will create 10 million more millionaires, more than any other industry. Of the seven companies making a billion dollars or more in the health wellness industry, six of them are network marketing companies.

The Health and Wellness industry is being driven by some very strong demographic trends: Baby Boomers, Obesity, and Natural Products. The wellness revolution is moving towards proactive healthcare, including what you put into your body, as we know it is much less expensive and better than reactive healthcare. Qivana has positioned itself to become the next major player in the health and wellness arena of natural products.

The convergence and growth of these two HUGE industry trends (Network Marketing and Health & Wellness) have already shown how powerful they can be in the success of a business. Qivana has set industry records for sales, hiring and event attendance since its launch in September 2009.

These are the type of industries you want to be involved in to give you the best opportunity for growth and expansion. The convergence of these two industries is providing a great opportunity for many people to create wealth.

The next thing to look at is The Qivana Executive Team.

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