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4 fascinating examples of technology

Ever wonder what technology really is and how many forms it can take. In fact, this article cites some examples of technology to give you a concrete idea.

Are here:

1. Programming languages

Programming languages, for example Java, C, C ++, C # and others, help with coding to create software products which, in turn, are purchased by customers or other relevant companies, for example, to maintain your IT assets.

Software products also enter the scene in the form of a backend connected to the front-end where you can enter data and retrieve information from the relevant database. SQL or standard query language is what we use to query information, but it is built into the system so you don’t have to do any hard work other than calling data from the backend to the front-end interface on user input and / or clicks on the button.

As another example, we can use notepads to store formatted information and apply data mining algorithms on this data to find some patterns that say, for example, if last year’s profit at a shopping complex is greater or less than that of this year and does a comparison and try to find patterns in customer preferences when buying things.

2. Electronic gadgets

Apart from software, the technology is most popular in building electronic devices, for example smart phones, iPAD, TAB, iPOD and the list goes on. It is up to you to find out which one is convenient for you and buy it accordingly.

3. Media

To make life easier for us, almost all over the world we can travel on buses, trains and airplanes that over time have become more luxurious, modernized and comfortable. We can also own cars and other vehicles of our own choosing and they provide us with more security today.

4. Books, e-books and audiobooks

In these modern times, writing and publishing books has become so much easier that anyone who knows or trains himself to write books in any niche or field of interest can finally publish and sell them on Amazon.

By following and adhering to Amazon’s rules, your book can be a best seller and you are encouraged to write more books. As you gain more fame, you will be able to quit your day job and turn to book sales, writing and publishing first.

E-books, in addition to printed books, and audiobooks are also popular and you can create and sell them too.

In short, these four shapes are shining examples of technology and it’s up to you how you can take advantage of them.

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