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Astrology and suicide: your sign can influence your choices

Your astrological sign not only affects how likely you are to kill yourself, it also affects how you choose to do it!

Suicide is a tragic reaction to stress, pressure, anger, depression, and sometimes mental illness. Why one person faced with one set of circumstances chooses to end their life when another person faced with a similar situation won’t even consider it can often be explained by the personality traits and characteristics of the people involved (among other factors, of course). Anyone with a superficial knowledge of astrology knows that the sign a person is born under will influence their personality, creativity, intelligence, success, etc.

An extensive study that examined 60,000 unnatural deaths revealed that a person’s astrological sign not only affects how they live, but also influences how they might die. As for suicide in particular (as one of more than 10 unnatural death methods reviewed), there is a clear connection between the method used and the likelihood of committing suicide and the zodiac sign involved.

If you have knowledge of Astrology, I imagine that you are already drawing conclusions in your head about which sign is most likely to commit suicide and how it would do it.

In order to give a clear picture of the astrological sign and suicide, four methods were examined in detail. In drug overdoses, Capricorn and Leo were equal leaders, with Scorpio being the sign least likely to commit suicide in this way. Pisces is the sign most likely to die by hanging, Scorpio being the least likely again. Carbon monoxide poisoning (usually in a car) is the method most often chosen by Taurus, with Sagittarius least likely to choose this way of committing suicide. The last method of suicide examined in this study was death by shooting, with Virgos in first place and Scorpio in last place again.

The signs that ranked first in the above causes can be examined in more detail, drawing conclusions from the traits (negative and positive) of each sign. For example: Pisces, a deeply contemplative water sign given to intense fantasizing, can have a hard time coping with reality. Add that to a high level of vulnerability that many Pisces suffer from and a certain flair for the dramatic and it’s not hard to explain why Pisces gets first place in the gallows. Scorpio is the least likely sign to die unnaturally from any cause, but the most likely sign to cause another person’s death.

By knowing how your sign ranks for unnatural deaths and suicide in particular, you can be better prepared to seek help if you need it, noting your weaknesses and recognizing your strengths.

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