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Curriculum change in dire need for – ‘The Indian Education System’

Education, as we all know, is vital for the growth of each individual and empowerment in the growth of a nation. Is this critical need met in a satisfactory manner for all students? Ironically, the answer is No. Teachers, management and strategy do not satisfy young people. Quality in education continues to be a dream in our nation. Let me shed some light on the problems of our Indian education system and suggest some solutions.

In the mindset of any stereotypical Indian, he wants to go to private school, get a bachelor’s degree, get a decent job that pays six figures every month, and gets married, again raising his son the same way. Does it build the personality of an individual? It is a bleak scenario, that all the Indians are forced to follow such a system.

There is no equality in education. Not all people can be easily admitted to CBSE or International Schools, because for an Indian to study, he must be able to pay the fees and nothing else matters. Edvizo’s motto is to improve the entire education system and financially disadvantaged people are offered scholarships and EMI schemes. Because of this, regardless of their positions, everyone can get the same education.

Teachers are the backbone of any educational institution. Only a teacher can change the direction of a society and no other profession influences society much more. However, teachers lag behind in good teaching skills and are not equipped with recent trends in their domain. And also, all training centers are commercialized and many are fake. Edvizo offers to get the information about institutions from home and hands-on programming training can be taken from home which saves time in this busy world.

When a student is educated he must acquire knowledge, skills and creativity. Gaining skills is more important because writing how to build a database is easy, but implementing it in the real world is the main challenge. The creativity of telling stories in childhood can pave the way for them to design a product in the future. They lag behind in thinking outside the box. Students must learn more than their books and for each concept, they learn to ask why? for themselves.

Recent research in ‘The Association of Accounting Technicians’, London, has revealed that there is a huge conflicting review about university, and more importantly where a degree can lead, among students leaving school. Students do not have a clear idea of ​​what they need to learn. Since parents are used to some legacy courses, institutions also do not add the number of courses. Research is never considered when one studies. Edvizo helps choose the right career path, and experts from IIT, IIM, AIIM and more provide guidelines.

Dogmatism among teaching faculties causes the same work to be done every day. Students are forced and trained to write the same answers that they memorize from the books. This may help them get good grades on their board exams, but it doesn’t enrich any knowledge in one. Grades never measure one’s intelligence. Teachers should impart different strategies in teaching students. They consider that practical knowledge is priceless for students.

Technology is in and within all aspects of life. As technology advances, education must also advance with it. Programming, simulating and virtualizing what has been learned is very simple today. But still, students are forced to learn their MCQ and Q/A. Rote learning is still followed by most of the students and also in universities.

Students should have the freedom to choose their course of study. For example, chemistry may work well for a child’s father and he may be a chemical engineer, but the child need not also be a chemical engineer. The child can love English, history, music and more. Students must choose their path with passion. It is not that everyone should walk the same path. Each individual can also take the road less traveled, or can make their own path!


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