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How often should I call my boyfriend? – Calling rules you need to know

How often should I call my boyfriend? It is a question that many women wish they knew the answer to. We all know that when it comes to our man and phone calls, it’s not a simple problem. Men make assumptions about us based on how often we call and when we call. If you’re confused about when to call your guy, there are just a few basic rules to know. Once you understand how to navigate this communication puzzle, you will build a stronger and more fulfilling relationship with him.

If you’ve been wondering how often I should call my boyfriend, chances are you’re calling him too much. The basic rule of thumb that you absolutely must follow when you are involved with a man is to call him as little as possible. This may seem like very bad advice if your goal is to build a strong emotional connection with him. The truth is, men don’t want to be chased by a woman. They don’t want to be chased and caught. They want to be the ones to do that. If you walk away and don’t call him as often, he’ll suddenly become much more interested in you.

What if he doesn’t call for days and you start to wonder if he moved on with someone else? Men are not as fickle as we make them out to be. A man will often take a few days to test a woman to see how long it is before she approaches him. As much as you feel the undeniable need to call him, resist. He will love you more and more if he feels that you are not waiting by the phone to hear from him and if you are not trying to reach him. May he come to you. If you can do this, you have a much better chance of having a happy and fulfilling future with him.

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