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Lies are insidious and destructive

Rogue leaders and sociopaths have no conscience and use lies every day to benefit and protect their own interests. Deception is in their DNA. They only care about themselves and their own desires. Nothing else and no one else matters.

Lies have a selfish purpose.

They are meant to benefit the liar.

and prevent others from learning the truth.

Liars recognize that repetition is important. When lies are repeated over and over again for long periods of time, they tend to gain broad support from the people who want them to be true. Also, lies are rarely disproved. Liars know that few people will spend the time, effort, and research to verify their statements, especially when they make slight modifications each time the lie is told. Fact checkers can’t easily keep up with new changes and could never get the word out about every addition or change to the initial lie?

Lies are like destructive fires that grow and advance rapidly.

Unscrupulous people tell lies that spread

faster than they can be refuted and extinguished.

How sad, disappointing and dangerous it is that some people tend to believe and perpetuate lies even after they have been proven wrong. That tends to happen when the lie is tailored to the believer’s desires, opinions, and emotional needs. A person’s 1) social, 2) political, 3) religious, 4) medical, and 5) environmental beliefs can be strengthened by lies and misinformation. Furthermore, any individual belief can influence your view of another belief.

A truth is not hard to kill, while a lie well told is immortal.

–Mark Twain

We all rely on respected leaders, politicians, information experts, social networking sites, news organizations, and other sources to tell us the truth and provide us with the facts. Unfortunately some sources will be wrong. Others will be dishonest. Their words intentionally mislead while upholding or concealing critical and relevant facts.

No one likes to be proven wrong and you can end up relying on bad people and misinformation to prove you right, especially when you have gotten the results you want and want.

What happens when someone refuses to accept the facts and truths that prove them wrong? They close their minds and do not allow contrary information to enter. They completely ignore reality, continue to believe that they are right, and cling to any like-minded person or false information that supports their belief. The worst of all situations can occur when people start lying to themselves.

Liars want:

– make yourself look good

– get something they want

– Make others look bad.

– Prevent others from getting something.

Techniques Liars Use:

– Exaggerate your behavior or actions.

– Making false and misleading statements

– Duplicate or tell a bigger lie

– Repeating lies over and over again with bravado and conviction

– Ignore or discredit the facts.

– Avoid details and details.

– Hide information

– Cover up the truth

– Intimidate or discredit those who tell the truth.

– Blame others for things that don’t work.

– Accumulate loyal supporters who benefit from the lie in some way

Liars use deception to convince us to believe them. Since truth, facts, details, examples, and explanations are important, we must be careful to place our faith in leaders and information providers who are honest and trustworthy.

Plato once said: “What comes out of the mouth can only be what the mouth is full of.” It is our job to determine what the speaker’s mouth is full of, especially when the mouth belongs to someone we count on for truth and facts.

“It doesn’t bother me that you lie to me,

I’m upset because from now on I can’t believe you.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

When we discover that an influential leader has lied to us over and over again, that person no longer deserves our support, trust, or respect. Only a fool would continue to trust statements made by a prolific liar.

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