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The Greeks had two words for time: Chyros and Chronos.

Chyros is the amount of time (24 hours per day) while Chronos comes from the Greek word “kairos” – the appointed time, God’s purpose, time! So some or maybe all of us are operating on Chyros time, working at least 12 hour days to pay the bills, then rushing home to family time and repeating the same cycle until Christmas, where you can sigh in relief and take some time off. Then there are the smart few who discovered Chyros, the power of time and providence moving in your favor. That’s where everything flows, with minimal effort you meet the right people at the right time, etc.

Have you ever wondered what condition your conscience must be in to listen to Chyros? A Consciousness Coach® would partner with clients to do the following:

1. Align with your highest purpose

Do you have a clear vision of where you are going? Have you sat down lately with or without a coach, to see where exactly you are and where you are going? Is what you have for your life right now in line with the greatest version of the greatest vision you could ever have for yourself? Take some time and write down what you would like to create for yourself if you could do it completely your way…


Meditation, whichever way you choose to do it, is one of the best ways to slow the mind down and drain negative self-talk. Take some time for yourself from your busy schedule (yes, the kids will be fine and someone will eventually take out the trash), but do this for you! Sit completely still for 10 minutes a day, with your eyes open, and watch the conversations going on in your mind. Become the observer and in the process wake up, alert and live! Be home when the delivery arrives!

3. Keep your awareness complete

Take a Conscious Inventory of everything around you, mentally, physically or spiritually, that is dragging you down or lifting you up. Physical objects that bring you down can be sold, given away, or thrown away. A Consciousness Coach© could help you to complete the attachment to internal objects (emotionally and mentally). This will free up space in your awareness, keeping it whole and free for Chyros to deliver and for you to notice the gifts Chyros has to deliver.

4. By the power of your word

Are your goals defined in space and time and have you decided to be your word and handle it impeccably? Making clear commitments and taking bold stands allows providence to move in your favor, helping Chyros deliver for you in the most magical way possible. But hey, if you haven’t named it, how the hell can you hope to claim it! Remember that the more committed you are, the more Chyros will be working on your behalf!

5. Be relaxed and available for Chyros to deliver

Need I say something about being so stressed out that you can’t even hear the person next to you in the coffee shop searching for exactly what you’re selling, or seeing an old friend across the street who could help you with a project you’re busy with? Instead, you’re frantic on your phone, stressed about the project, arranging to work late, and missing out on the wonderful opportunity of time on your side…

These are all tools to slow down and see all the gifts life has to offer! And all of them will arrive at exactly the right time, in the right place, and not a minute too soon. We just need to be available, aware and present so as not to miss.

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