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Use of colloidal silver in the treatment of baby acne

Parental concern for the health of the baby is a natural phenomenon. Everyone wants and does everything possible to ensure that their baby has good health and soft, smooth skin. Baby acne is one of the skin conditions that can make the baby look unsightly.

In general, baby acne is the result of the mother’s hormones passing into bay during the pregnancy. However, this acne does not appear after three to four weeks after birth. Hormones passed from the mother trigger the production of oils and lead to the development of acne. The use of certain medications may be the factor behind the appearance of childhood acne in some cases. Contact with saliva or milk from the affected area can worsen the condition of baby acne. Crying, which is natural for babies, increases blood flow to the skin. Such increased blood flow can cause irritation to the baby’s skin.

There are some remedies like washing the affected area with a mild soap and water that is traditionally used to relieve baby acne. You must understand that acne is caused by the clogging of the pores due to the accumulation of dead cells and excess oil. Never use harsh soaps or scrubs to clean a baby’s face. It could aggravate the condition. Using lukewarm water can help to some extent.

There are some over the counter medications available for the treatment of baby acne. However, it is recommended that you consult your health care provider before using such medications, as selecting the wrong medication may lead to certain skin disorders.

The use of colloidal silver products is considered one of the safe remedies to treat baby acne. The silver particles in colloidal silver products disinfect the area and kill the bacteria that are the main cause of baby acne. Most importantly, the silver particles kill only infected tissue without harming other tissues or body systems. Colloidal silver is available in solution form. Colloidal silver is usually applied topically to baby acne. As the microorganisms present in baby acne come into contact with the colloidal silver product, the silver particles in the product kill the bacteria by attacking the enzymes (which are necessary for the growth of the bacteria). As a result of this attack the microorganisms suffocate and die. These dead organisms are then eliminated through the lymphatic system.

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