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What are some creative ways to use candles in decoration weddings?

use candles in decoration weddings

Candles are a classic decor option for weddings that creates a beautiful and romantic ambiance. They are versatile and work beautifully with jars, vases, floral arrangements, and more. The best part is that they are budget-friendly and can be used in a variety of ways to make your wedding feel magical and special. Whether you want a rustic and simple look that makes use of mason jars or a glamorous and sophisticated setting that calls for glass candelabras, these new and creative ideas for using candles will transform your big day decor.

For an organic and natural touch, pillar candles set among bursts of blooms in muted shades of pink are the perfect complement. The combination of scented flowers and greenery is a modern yet timeless approach that will enchant your guests. To add a little extra sparkle to your tablescapes, use candlesticks with a thin metallic finish that adds an element of interest and texture to the table. Pair them with a gold sequin runner for a luxurious effect.

Another way to add a hint of luxury decoration wedding is with gold candle holders that can be combined with floral arrangements or left alone for an elegant and simple look. Use them in combination with other metallic elements, like the gold chandeliers pictured below, to create a glitzy and eye-catching focal point.

What are some creative ways to use candles in decoration weddings?

A candlelight aisle is the ultimate romantic element to your big day, and it can also be a useful way to guide your guests from point A to point B if your ceremony will take place on a staircase or along a walkway at your venue. This aisle style from Taryn Leach Events and The Bloom of Time is both enchanting and romantic, with a mix of different sized candles in tall glass holders accented with flower petals.

If you love the idea of an aisle lined with candles but prefer a more contemporary aesthetic, try lining the aisle with clear or colored votive candles in cylindrical vases that are suspended from the ceiling. Then, top them with sand, pebbles, coffee beans, or pearls that match your color palette and wedding theme.

Floating candles in decorative bowls or glass vases are a classic and affordable option, and you can even add in floating petals or other foliage for a colorful twist. You can also add in different colors of pillar candles in tall vases to create a gradient or ombre effect. Lanterns, hurricane vases, birdcages, and other fun and unique candle holders are great options for incorporating into your wedding centerpieces. Match them with your other wedding decor, like flower stems and greenery or a rustic stand or tree stump for a cohesive design.

Try out candles with an unexpected shade, like the dusty rose hues in this opulent Baroque-inspired estate wedding from Renaissance Floral Design and Northwood Events. The unexpected color pairing feels fresh and chic and is the perfect compliment to the opulent flowers and opulent fabrics used throughout the wedding.

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