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XBox 360 Ring of Death Fix – About frying your XBox with the towel method

Having some engineering experience in me, I cringe when I hear that the towel method is a surefire fix for the XBox 360 ring of death.

I’ve taken electronics classes and my heart goes out to Xboxes that have been brutalized in the towel method. I think about those poor little computer boards inside the XBox 360 and all the little resistors and capacitors and microchips all freezing up and it’s so sad.

It’s okay, laugh. I know the last statement may be a bit of a stretch, but I really want to get the message across.

For an XBox 360 ring of death fix, the towel method simply won’t cut it. It is NOT a safe method to use. Your XBox doesn’t deserve it, after all the games it’s allowed you to play!

Seriously though, it’s a dangerous method.

If you investigate it, you will find that the method is not permanent, usually only lasting a couple of days at the most. And with the most intensive games, it usually lasts much less than that.

Most of the time, XBox 360 problems are due to overheating. So there is no point in covering your XBox 360, causing it to overheat even more, to fix the problem.

From my engineering classes, we learned to keep towels and other dry materials away from operating electrical components due to the risk of fire. If you get your XBox hot enough it will most likely catch fire as the towel is right there, a perfect ignition area!

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