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Your own private island that goes where you want

If you fancy having your own private island but can’t decide where, this could be the answer.

Project Utopia is a man-made floating island that seems more at home in a sci-fi movie than the high seas.

The island’s diesel azimuth thrusters mean it can move in any direction at a top speed of fifteen knots. And if you suffer from dizziness, there is nothing to worry about; the four “legs” of the structure keep it stable even in the roughest seas.

Project Utopia is one hundred meters in diameter and has the same deck space as a modern cruise ship. Basic engineering is not much different than an oil rig. But that’s where the similarities end.

Utopia’s eleven levels have over two hundred guest berths and seventy crew berths.

Two of the decks are dedicated entertainment zones where you will find a cinema, casino, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. And if you feel like shopping, there’s a whole platform dedicated to retail stores.

Obviously, as the proud new owner, you can design your own interiors and features to your liking. But one thing you probably wouldn’t want to change is the pool and sundeck. Located on the upper deck, it is covered by a huge sliding glass canopy that can be opened and closed as weather conditions dictate.

At its highest point, sixty-five meters above sea level, Utopia has an observation deck.

Four heliports make it easy to travel on or off the island. And at sea level, wet docks with retractable docks at each ‘leg’ provide access and storage for boats and jet skis.

Project Utopia was developed by British company Yacht Island Design and BMT Group marine engineer Nigel Gee. The final design was unveiled on September 19 at the Monaco Boat Show.

BMT Group Yacht Design Director James Roy commented; “Visions of the future are often constrained by familiarity with the present or reflection on the past. Much is done in today’s design community to start with a blank sheet of paper, but many, if not all, Yacht concepts return to traditional form: the perception that a yacht should be a form of transportation becomes an immediate constraint.Utopia is not an object to travel, it is a place to be, an island set for anyone who have the vision to create such a place.”

The price? Nobody seems to know. But it is rumored to be over 100 million US dollars.

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