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why buy a "Green" Does the green mattress cost so much?

Okay, so you’ve heard the stories and seen enough testimonials online to convince you that you need to “green up” your bedroom sleeping arrangements. Too many toxins in the air and it seems much of it is coming from your chemical laden mattresses and pillows. Out with the nasty stuff and in with the new “Eco-friendly” green mattress.

After hours and sometimes days of research online, a mattress type emerges as the cream of the crop. Time and time again, people rave about their new latex foam mattress. Comfortable, durable, without harsh chemicals, bad odors, etc. It seems like the perfect bed, until the price is revealed. Why does “going green” have to cost so much? The answer is simple, green is a good deal these days. Yeah, you see these new specialty stores popping up everywhere. Organic this and all natural that and bring your America Express card and we’ll be happy to make an exception for your overpriced purchases. I’m sick of this!

As a mattress manufacturer for over 30 years, I’ve seen it all. First the water beds, then the mats, then the air beds and now the memory foam. I don’t blame my industry for trying to reinvent itself every decade after all, you either evolve or tour. That brings us to the latest innovation, the “green” mattress. It is usually made up of all natural talalay latex or a similar version of dunlop latex foam. Even certified organic cotton covers are now available with USDA certified organic latex that just hit the docks. Imagine what these mattresses are going to cost you.

Did you know that latex foam mattresses were very popular in the 1960s and early 1970s, and many of these mattresses are still in use today? That’s right and then poof, they were gone. They virtually disappeared from the US market after a major fire destroyed the only latex mattress supplier in 1975. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, latex made a comeback in the late 1990s when Latex International established a factory in Connecticut. So why did it take over 10 years for these beds to rejoin the mainstream in mattress showrooms in every state?

Latex mattresses are bad for business due to their durability. Think about it, isn’t the planned obsolescence of a pillow top mattress much better for business? The major mattress producers surely thought so. We even saw it with the auto industry when GM retired all of its EV1 electric cars in the ’90s due to lack of maintenance or repair. Well, you can’t stop progress or the information superhighway.

When companies started selling latex foam mattresses online in 1998, it was a very slow process because most baby boomers had never even heard of something called a latex mattress, after all, they disappeared in 1975 for the most part. . Mattress companies persisted in offering these excellent foam beds to the general public and slowly but surely they began to gain popularity again. I still couldn’t find them in most mattress showrooms, but I could buy them online. Once the information about the return of these excellent latex beds began to filter in, people began asking about them at local mattress showrooms. The major manufacturers were reluctant to bring them back, but with enough pressure from the public, they had no choice but to join the parade.

Over the past 10 years, I have seen a steady increase in demand for all natural latex mattresses, but what bothers me is the ridiculous prices charged by major manufacturers. The reason is obvious, one and done. No customer repeats every five years as in the past. So let’s charge double to make up for it. Yes, that’s the ticket. Well enough is enough. The internet has arrived and those of you who take your time, study the facts, compare apples to apples, will find some of us offering these great “green” latex foam mattresses at honest prices. One and done, sure. But I bet you have friends and family who would like one of these talalay or dunlop natural latex foam mattresses at a price you can still afford.

So there you have it, why can going “green” be so expensive, at least when it comes to buying a new mattress? Do yourself a huge favor and find a company that can honestly cut out the middleman and you’ll save a lot of “green” yourself.

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